Who We Are?

We proudly distribute the best green natural beauty brands throughout Canada

Camomile Distribution is Canada’s beauty brands distribution company. We pride ourselves on finding unique and glamorous beauty brands and making them readily available through our vast distribution network of upscale specialty retailers, spas and upscale salons throughout Canada. We also cater to the professional makeup artist community since they are beauty junkies at heart!

We locate in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada. Our wholesale customers are welcomed to visit us and learn more about the products that we distribute.

We look forward to speaking to you very soon!!!


Our mission is to foster beautiful and healthy skin and hair by distributing innovative products made with botanical, organic, non-GMO, fair trade, and cruelty-free ingredients for women and men with well being of our planet in mind.

Our philosophy

Beauty is of nature and from nature.

Our philosophy is that the secret to true beauty is found in the nature itself.  For thousands of years, Persian, Egyptian, Indian, Roman, Greek, Chinese and other ancient cultures have looked to natural ingredients, such as herbs, fruits, nuts, seeds, barks, roots, flowers, clays, and muds, for their beauty enhancing and healing properties.  

We celebrate products that combine ancient wisdom with today’s advancements to reveal your inner and outer natural beauty, uplift your spirit with aromatherapy, and help you glow with radiant health.